Becoming internationalised is a great challenge to corporations as well as to employees now facing international work assignments. Recruiting suitable people, providing them with appropriate training, their eventual repatriation and adaptation to their home surroundings, these are just some of the issues to be addressed by personnel management. In addition to the need for excellent professional skills, working in a foreign environment requires cultural understanding, adaptability and interactive skills. In addition, the quality of an assignment can be substantially affected by the successful adjustment of accompanying spouses and children. And even when a foreign assignment has been successful, problems may arise during repatriation. Living abroad can estrange repatriates from Finnish society and friends. Children find it hard readjusting to school and rebuilding their social networks. Foreign employees relocating to Finland have difficulties of their own. Finland is quite a challenge to foreigners. It is important for both corporations and individuals that the work assignments of foreign employees coming to Finland are successful.

Training for the corporationĀ“s new foreign employees
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