Training for the corporation’s new foreign employees and their families

Becoming internationalised is a great challenge to corporations as well as to employees. Recruiting suitable people, providing them with appropriate training, their eventual repatriation and adaptation to their home surroundings, these are just some of the issues to be addressed by personnel management. Foreign employees relocating to Finland have difficulties of their own. Finland is quite a challenge to foreigners. It is important for both corporations and individuals that the work assignments of foreign employees coming to Finland are successful.

The objective of the training is to provide the corporation’s foreign employees and their families with information to help them adapt to Finland and its working environments. The training is customised for particular families or groups.


• Cultural differences and similarities between Finland and the home country
• Customs and behaviors in Finland
• business manners and work life
• social life
• customs in face-to-face situations

• Adjusting to a new culture

• Relocation to a foreign culture from the point of view of the employee, the accompanying spouse and children
• Culture shock
• The different stages of adaptation
• coping strategies

• Practical hints and tips for a daily life in Finland

Material: Welcome to Finland-package

Support durig the whole assignment

Duration: 1 day

Place: Return Ticket, Bulevardi 5 A