Chinese driver's licence

Updated 22nd October, 2017 : will be accepted from 1st of  February, 2018


 Chinese drivers to be allowed on Finnish roads



The Finnish government is looking to alter traffic legislation to allow people with Chinese driver's licenses to use Finnish roads.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications reports that the government will submit its proposal to Parliament in September. The goal is that authorities will henceforth accept driver's licenses granted in countries that Finland recognises.

Car rental services deplore the current situation. Because China is not a signatory of the UN's 19th Convention on Road Traffic (also known as the Vienna Convention) none of the thousands of annual Chinese tourists are currently allowed to lease or drive cars in Finland.

"This is a tourism-driven decision," says Ministry service chief Sabina Lindström. "Companies in Lapland have had trouble with the current system, and that's something that government wants to change."


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