Your step-by step relocation guide to Finland


Guide will be sent to our customers as a part of relocation package in advance to your home country.

Moving abroad can be one of the most exiting periods
in you life. But in can also be a very stressful time; you are leaving behind your friends, relatives, home and career; confronting a strange new culture an life. The keyword behind enjoying your assignment is planning, which should start well in advance of leaving your home country. The preparation helps you avoid mistakes and unpleasant surprises, reduces helplessness, saves your time and you can feel more confident and be able to settle in quicker. The planning includes doing research on the new country and its culture. Practical instructions include information of permits, schools, daily life, healthcare etc.

Expat Guide to Finland is intended to help expatriates and their families when moving in to Finland. The guide provides an outline of the main things that need to be done before you move and after your arrival in Finland, step by step.

The Author - Marja Saviaro

Marja Saviaro has an M.A. in Adult Education. She is a Director and Consultant in Return Ticket, a company established in 1997; which offers training and advice on the personnel aspects of internationalisation. General objectives are to increase corporate readiness to meet the challenges faced by personnel management in relocating and adjusting employees and their families to new cultural surroundings, an later back home.
Saviaro lived and worked in Zambia for seven years, first as an accompanying spouse and later working in the Finnish Embassy. After returning back home she worked in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, Training Section, for seven years.

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