Training and consultancy services for the corporation’s new foreign employees and their families moving to Finland

Return Ticket, established in 1997, is a company offering training and advice on the personnel aspects of internationalisation. Our general objective is to increase corporate readiness to meet the challenges faced by personnel management in relocating and adjusting employees and their families to new cultural surroundings.
Our services for foreign employees and their families consist of independent modules especially tailored to meet the needs of a particular company and the target group. The main objective of our services is to give individuals or families the information and help needed to make the assignment in Finland a success so that the likelihood of failure is minimized.

Our services for the foreign employees and their families:


Module I


1. Visas/residence permits for the employee & family

• help with filling the applications and enclosures

• help with submitting applications to Finnish embassy/consulate

• speed up letters

• follow up


2. Home search


• analysis of housing requirements (via e-mail)

• search and selection of housing

• photos to a customer via internet of the flats available

• plan and preparation of pre-visit

• accompanied property viewing

• lease negotiations, tenancy agreement

• explanation for rental process (written instructions)

• home insurance

• check-on-inventory

• internet connections

• electricity contract, water contract (if not included in the rent)

• notice of moving (caretaker of the house)


3. Day care/preschool/primary school/upper secondary school


• assessment of the needs

• information/photos via internet

• help with selection and application forms

• submitting the application forms

• help with introductory visit


4. Settling in services


• Before the arrival: information on needed documents (legalizations)

• Finnish authorities after the arrival (accompanied visits)

• EU-registration (police)

• Registration office – to obtain Finnish ID-numbers (needed for taxation, social


• Opening bank account, travel card etc.

• Enrolment to social security (Kela)

• Application for tax card

• driving licence

• travel card


5. Spouse support


  • Updating CV tailored to the Finnish market
  • Help with the interviews
  • career plan
  • Information on education/training possibilities in Finland
  • spouse network
  • How to find a work?

6. Practical advice on daily life in Finland


• shopping

• hobbies

• Finnish medical services


7. Culture training


• General information on Finland

• Finnish communication style: differences between Finland and the home country

• Adaptation to a new culture

• Tools for successful assignment in Finland

• Material package

• Practical advice relating to everyday life in Finland

• Duration: 1 day

Ask also about online training


8. Language training


• Finnish courses for individuals/groups


Each module is independent and can be ordered separately.  Package includes ”Expat Guide to Finland – step by step relcoation guide to Finland”, author Marja Saviaro